Weekly Board Report

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Weekly Board Report

Postby Miatato » Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:50 pm

Welcome to the first weekly board report! I apologize for this weeks report not being as complete as it could be, but it is going to be a quick overview of some major points.

At this point, the basic phonology has set somewhat. There's still a possibility that a rhotic will return to the list in the future. There was some discussion this week about what sort of sounds might make good codas.

As was discussed early on, this language is SVO so far. The verbs seem to be developing aspects and moods in the form of particles that come before the verb. So far, singular and plurosingular are the proposed number options for nouns. We've got some conjunctions proposed.

Additional boards were added to handle discussion of conculture, as well as some for people to talk about or demonstrate "native" arts and crafts.

I proposed some forum games for building vocabulary and working on sentences. It seemed to get a positive reception. I think I will start the Word (creation) Association game tonight.

In the coming week, I really hope that some more members will jump in and throw in their thoughts, even if they hate everything they've seen so far. Multiple versions arising would be ok with me. I don't want people to feel like the few people posting are running everything, since all you need to do to get in there is post.

From the Board (including hypotheticals)
ji I
zai you
dau h/she, it
jizai we (inclusive)
jime we (exclusive)
zaime you, pl.
daume they.
kena this, near speaker
kexu that, near addressee
kea this, near both
kelin that, far from both
ila and (sequential, "wake up and eat")
tei and (simultaneous, "ham and cheese")
iva or
juvu or (exclusive, "this or that, not both")
kiuda book
puai table
xomas have
totxos give
totsos give
zongas to be upon
vios want
kolis talk
be to a recipient
ua about; regarding; with respect to; concerning
zim that, relative clause opener
ing relative clause closer
u associative marker (often used as a possessive)
ga habitual marker
taudu tiredness
au perfective marker
vi no, negation
se irrealis marker
vo irrealis marker, leaning toward doubt
tu irrealis marker, leaning toward certainty
a sort of like a spoken comma or pause
kungku speech (n)
kuniku word (n)
kungkusi speak (v)
zavusa bee
-m plurosingular marker
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Re: Weekly Board Report

Postby Miatato » Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:54 pm

I am sorry the weekly report is late this week. Easter weekend was exhausting and I just didn't have it in me.

Highlights would include kadani's list of words from the Word Association list at http://pastebin.org/139048 . People have begun making sentences on the thread for test driving the word association words.

There haven't been any objections to Kenakoliku as the name of the language, so there it is. Associated with that is one more vocabulary item:
koliku, language (n)

There's work being done on a native script in the Calligraphy thread in The Art Department.

If you're new here or you haven't posted in a while, please do throw your US$0.02 in. You never know what will catch on. :mrgreen:
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